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They keep sweeping the starlight under the rug.
25 September
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My name is Locke. I happen to be a reasonably well adjusted 25 year old living in the pacific northwest while alternatively working, educating myself and budgeting time toward the things that I enjoy, do, and think about.

My friendships, relationships, music, language, how little I truly know about anything, love, technology, material posessions that inflict promises of happiness, the limit of our lifespan, a desire to see more than I can, why, nature, seasons, epic spans of time, water, happiness, the miracle of air conditioning, and what balance to strike between the natural and unnatural in one's life. I am thankfull to be smart emough to see the picture, dumb enough to remain generally happy about it, and grateful enough at least to remember to appreciate the here and now. (once in a while)

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